Las Vegas Business Press: Giving Back, Tronox supports Henderson high school robotics club


Tronox, a manufacturing plant in Henderson, recently donated $5,000 to benefit students in the robotics club at Basic Academy of International Studies.

The Basic Robotics Club hosted six competition teams this year, which is two more than the previous year. The club now has a record-breaking 22 members. Recently, Basic’s X Team dominated Faith Lutheran with a 12-1 record. The VEX Tournament hosted 58 teams from Nevada and California, and was the largest tournament ever held in the state. The X Team received the Excellence Award, which is the highest honor in VEX Robotics.

Basic Robotics Club has won two of the last three tournaments, which qualifies three teams to compete in the National Robotics Championship in April. “It is wonderful to see that our donation has allowed the students to thrive and make great strides in their robotics program,” said Rick Stater, Tronox’s Henderson plant manager. “We are proud of the work that the students and advisers continually accomplish together, and are happy to assist in any way to further their learning opportunities.”

Tronox is a global leader in the mining, production and marketing of inorganic minerals and chemicals, as well as producer of specialty chemicals including boron products and manganese oxide products. The Tronox electrolytic division is an emerging leader in manganese products, building on their position as one of the largest producers of electrolytic manganese dioxide in the United States.

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Las Vegas Business Press: Tronox donates to Pinecrest Academy Robotics Club

Henderson manufacturing plant Tronox has donated $2,000 to benefit students in the coding and robotics program at Pinecrest Academy. The donation will go toward purchasing the necessary software and equipment for students to design and build robots. The robotics program is comprised of students ages 10 to 13. They first learn the components of robotics and how robots are built and controlled. After learning the key engineering elements, students are encouraged to build their own robots to complete specific tasks.

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Las Vegas Business Press: C-SUITE—Dan Campbell, founder, Structural Engineer of Las Vegas Engineers

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: My current novel in hand is “The Boys in the Boat” by Daniel James Brown, which provides hope in the time of struggle. It teaches the lessons of American grit, determination and optimism.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant? Where do you take clients to dinner?

A: Triple George Grill is my go-to restaurant for personal and professional outings. Triple George combines a great menu with a very private atmosphere, which is great for business reasons.

Q: Where do you work out or play your favorite sport?

A: I generally work out with my wife at EOS Fitness, or we perform ballroom dancing together.

Q: How do you decompress after a hard week?

A: I would have to say ballroom dancing with my wife is how I decompress after a hard week. I have the best of both worlds between spending time with my lovely wife and showing off on a dance floor.

Q: What is the biggest challenge facing Las Vegas in the next five years?

A: The biggest challenge facing Las Vegas in the next five years is the overbuilding of new development in Southern Nevada. It is wonderful to see the construction market booming, but with new construction comes the challenge to fill that vacant space.

Q: What do you like most about Las Vegas?

A: Las Vegas is very accepting of new ideas in design and designers, which opens up new avenues for growth and change throughout the valley.

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Las Vegas Business Press: SNAPSHOT – Scott Loughridge|Owner, SR Construction


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Glad to see our client, Jeff Silver, on the Las Vegas Business Press “On The Move” Section

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Las Vegas Business Press: Accolades

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Friends of Parkinson’s elects new board member

Friends of Parkinson’s, a coalition of individuals, companies, and organizations providing optimum care and resources in the Parkinson’s community, has elected Frank Fuentes to the board of directors. Fuentes, the communications and social media director for Trosper Communications, will concentrate primarily on public relations and event management, furthering the organization’s support for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers and care partners.

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Las Vegas Business Press: On The Move



Trosper Communications LLC named Sue Smuskiewicz administration director. She joined the firm in 2010 as chief copywriter and core reader. In her new role, she will manage and maintain administrative functions and help in human resources and accounting.

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