NevadaGIVES: Henderson and Las Vegas Firefighters Say Zero Deaths is the Goal at “Check Your Seats in the Heat” Campaign Launch


Henderson and Las Vegas firefighters launched the sixth annual “Check Your Seats in the Heat” safety outreach campaign with a press conference Thursday, May 19 at the Henderson Fire Training Center.

Because heat knows no jurisdictional boundaries, the Henderson and Las Vegas locals have partnered together to get this crucial message out to the public. The campaign aims to spread awareness and remind motorists of the dangers of leaving children and pets in hot vehicles during the summer months. The campaign also includes the distribution of safety awareness ribbons to serve as reminders to motorists to check their back seats before exiting a vehicle.

Temperatures in a vehicle can rise more than 30 degrees higher than outside in as little as 10 minutes. Even a few minutes left in a hot vehicle can have devastating consequences, including brain and internal organ damage. Last year, 24 children died after being left in hot cars, a number that firefighters desperately hope to see diminished.

Firefighters suggest making a habit of leaving your cell phone, wallet or purse in the back seat to get in the habit of checking the entire car before locking and leaving your vehicle. For more information and additional tips, visit or

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