Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Sponsor News: Henderson West Proposed Development Plan Unanimously Approved by Henderson City Council


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Vegas Inc. - SR Construction 12.10.2017


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Nevada Business Magazine: Henderson West Proposed Development Plan Unanimously Approved by Henderson City Council

HENDERSON, Nev. — On Tuesday night, the Henderson City Council unanimously voted in favor of the proposed Regional Mixed-Use zone change for the 103-acre Henderson West proposed development plan. Henderson West, located along both sides of St. Rose Parkway in the West Henderson Planning Area, is envisioned as a new live-work-play community and western gateway to the City.

“We have been holding onto this site for a number of years,” said Alan Sauvage of Las Vegas-based Sauvage Real Estate, LLC. “We think it’s the best development parcel of this size left in the Valley, and the best opportunity to create new lifestyle options for a changing Henderson and all of Las Vegas.”

The proposed plan contemplates an urban grid with sidewalks, walking trails, green places, public plazas and a bicycle network. The zoning would allow up to 2,920 residential units, ranging from single-family to urban mixed-use buildings, and up to 670,000 square feet of office and retail space and 250 hotel rooms.

“We are in this for the long haul,” said Sauvage. “And we are going to attract world-class development partners to help create a place that is truly cutting edge.”

“We are building the urban center for west Henderson as envisioned in the Henderson Strong framework plan,” said William Fain, urban design partner at renowned Los Angeles-based planning firm Johnson Fain. “We’ve designed an economically and environmentally sustainable plan and forward-looking framework that also has the flexibility to evolve with the market.”

“The work is just beginning,” said Sauvage. “This project honors our legacy in the Las Vegas Valley.”

About Sauvage Real Estate, LLC: Sauvage Real Estate, LLC is one of the Sauvage Companies, which is a subsidiary of ALS Enterprise, a Nevada-based diversified private investment company. The Sauvage Companies operate primarily in the United States, Germany and Australia in agriculture, energy, transportation, real estate, specialized lending, retail banking and wholesale alcohol distribution.

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Nevada Business Magazine: SR Construction Announces Completion of Henderson Medical Office Building

The exterior of the medical office building is composed of EIFS with a metal stud system and stone veneer at the bottom floor. The building offers a location for various medical disciplines to provide medical care for the community. Fernando Andrade served as the architect for this project.

Additionally, SR Construction is proud to have served as the primary construction contractor on southern Nevada’s newest health facility landmark, Henderson Hospital, located at 1050 Galleria Drive in Henderson, Nev. The hospital recently observed its one year anniversary of operation.

SR Construction broke ground on the 38.5 acre lot approximately two years ago. Today, the 247,000 square foot Henderson Hospital accommodates 130 private beds, an emergency department, four ORs, and a top floor women’s division that includes a 12 bed NICU. Shell space was created for another 30 acute care beds and an additional two ORs.

“It was an absolute honor to be a part of this remarkable journey that will forever impact Southern Nevada and the global healthcare industry,” said Bret Loughridge, vice president of operations at SR. “We are thrilled to see how far Henderson Hospital has come in the past year and witness its thriving success.”

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Western Real Estate Business: SR Construction Completes 84,450 SF Medical Office Building in Las Vegas


SR Construction has completed construction on Henderson Medical Office Building, an 84,450-square-foot medical office building in the Las Vegas submarket of Henderson. The four-story building is situated just 200 feet from Henderson Hospital.

The project includes a finished lobby, restrooms, two elevators and complete mechanical and electrical systems with future tap-ins.

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Nevada Business Magazine: Building Nevada – We Need People Like You, Hirschi Masonry

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