Trosper Communications, LLC Promotes Shayna Moreno



Trosper Communications, LLC is excited to announce the promotion of Shayna Moreno, who will now serve as the company’s Client and Media Relations Specialist. In this role, Moreno will continue her current duties of directly overseeing and managing public relations and communications efforts, but will expand her client base to include all non-political clients.

“Shayna continues to exceed expectations within the firm and this promotion is well deserved.  Her level of commitment to the company is amazing and her work reflects true dedication to our craft and to our clients.” said Elizabeth Trosper, principal of Trosper Communications.

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KTNV 13 Action News: The Foundation Assisting Seniors offers free services for local seniors

The Foundation Assisting Seniors organization’s mission is to assist, at no charge, seniors in times of illness, recovery, confinement at home, coping with the loss of a loved one and other challenges facing the senior community.

The increasing growth of the senior population requires the Foundation to grow and improve its services.

The Foundation provides assistance to the senior community with everyday tasks such as household maintenance and transportation that they would otherwise be unable to do. In addition, the Foundation loans out durable medical equipment free of charge.

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Las Vegas Review-Journal: Developer envisions luxury high-rises in Henderson project

Over the years, there has been no shortage of big development plans in southwest Henderson, at the southern tip of the valley.

Texas developer Chris Milam set out to build an arena and three stadiums south of the M Resort. But the city of Henderson sued him, claiming he wanted cheap public land to flip to other developers, and barred him from doing future projects in Henderson as part of a 2013 settlement.

Years earlier, developer Bill Plise drew up plans for City Crossing, a 126-acre mixed-use project near Henderson Executive Airport. But it wasn’t built, and both the project and Plise went bankrupt.

Now another big project is on the drawing board: 103 acres of retail, offices and housing.

The Henderson City Council this month approved a zoning change for the project site, at St. Rose Parkway and Bermuda Road, allowing 2,920 residential units, 670,000 square feet of office and retail space and a 250-room hotel, according to the developer, Alan Sauvage.

His project, Henderson West, would take at least 10 years to build and cost $950 million, said Sauvage, who owns the land and envisions luxury high-rises, a movie theater, a brewery and more.

The San Diego resident, whose other ventures include banking and alcohol distribution, met with the Las Vegas Review-Journal to discuss the project. Edited excerpts:

Q: Would you develop this all yourself or sell chunks of land to other developers who would then build office, retail, residential?

We have entertained talks with some developers. We are getting ready to have in-depth conversations with national, global-type master developers who have done projects of this scale.

Q: So is that the plan, to sell the land piece-by-piece?

We are not sure yet. What has happened recently is that we’ve had a lot of big players — national players — who are interested in certain pieces of this project to develop themselves. We’d like to keep control of it — I want to keep at least 50 percent control of it for the long term. Right now it’s just deciding which master developer we want to team with.

Q: There have been other big projects planned for this area that didn’t go anywhere. What would you tell someone who said, “We’ve seen this type of plan before and nothing has happened.” Why is this going to be different?

A: Thank God we never lent money on those deals, and we had a chance to. This is different because we own the land free and clear. We are not a developer looking for a quick buck. Our goal, in all of our businesses, is to build long-term, stable cash flow. And we’re going to focus on businesses that we’re passionate about. What makes this work is that we’re patient, and we have the luxury of being patient because we don’t have any debt.

Q: How would you finance this all?

A: We would fund a big chunk of it, possibly by ourselves, but that’s where our negotiations are going right now.

Q: When you go on St. Rose Parkway from Eastern Avenue to Las Vegas Boulevard, stretches of it are developed, but at a certain point it turns to desert, especially on the south side of St. Rose. Why do you think that stretch has remain undeveloped?

A: These chunks didn’t get developed because they were owned by big landowners who weren’t developers; they were just flippers. They were looking to carve pieces up and sell. You see what’s happened to the town — you think, “Gosh, we grew so fast, it was great.” But you look back and it’s kind of a disaster in some spots because there was so much stuff that got built quick and cheap. We’ve got to get away from the quick flip, we’ve got to start thinking long-term, sustainable.

Q: How realistic is to see high-rise development here? There are some plans on the drawing board in Las Vegas, but no one is building residential towers in the valley right now.

A: I think we could fill up a tower today. People are looking to change the way they live. I have a yard and a couple of little kids, and it’s fun and all, but if I could be in a tower with great views or a loft with courtyards, I could walk to Whole Foods or the theater or to sushi — that’s where I’m going as I get older. We see millennials, the younger generation going there, and you’ll see retirees going in that direction.

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Nevada Appeal: Carson City Firefighters Memorial being moved to Capitol

After 25 years, the Carson City Firefighters Memorial is getting a face lift.

The memorial, now located in Mills Park, will be reconstructed and moved onto the Capitol Grounds to provide a nicer, more publicized space.

“This will be more visible, well protected and have a lot more visitors,” said Bryon Hunt, of the Professional Firefighters of Nevada. “It is a great place to honor those who gave their time and life to the fire service.”

The new memorial will feature five bronzed firefighter statues with a black granite background depicting all of the Nevada fallen firefighters.

“The old memorial was great, but this is better,” Hunt said. “It is more recognizable as a memorial and it will be representative of what we do.”

One advantage the new spot has is visibility to Nevada lawmakers.

“Though this isn’t about politics, it is a great reminder for those who are in charge of our health to see what we sacrifice for our community,” Hunt said. “It is about honoring the fallen, but it is good to remind those in law making positions to see what we are willing to do for our state and city.”

The old memorial will be decommissioned and disposed of with respect and dignity, Hunt said.

“Being such as great memorial, we want to make sure it is handled in a proper manner,” Hunt said.

For firefighters across the state, this new memorial means a lot to honor their fallen brothers and sisters, especially since they get to share it with their fellow firefighters.

“This means the world to us,” Hunt said. “The old memorial meant so much to us but the new one will be in a location that is more fitting to what we want to represent. Plus it puts us with our brothers and sisters in blue with the Law Enforcement Memorial in the same complex.”

In addition to the names of the fallen, the memorial will have a QR code that can be scanned by smartphones so the statue is interactive and visitors can scan to learn more about each name on the statue.

The PFFN organization has spent nearly a decade trying to relocate the memorial. It wasn’t until the bill passed this legislative session that it could become a reality.

However, residents shouldn’t expect to see the memorial any time soon. Hunt said they don’t anticipate it being up until at least halfway through 2019. Until then, residents can still visit the Mills Park memorial.

While the cost to build the Capitol Grounds memorial hasn’t been cemented, Hunt said it’s anticipated it will cost more than $100,000. For the PFFN, the difficult part of this project will now be finding enough donations to be able to see this through.

“We will have to knock on a lot of doors but that’s OK,” Hunt said. “The PFFN were able to donate a portion of the necessary funds, but that is only a portion so we will be asking for help.”

To help donate, visit for the link to the donation site or checks can be mailed to 9821 Cantebury Rose Lane, Las Vegas 89134.

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Western Real Estate Business: Southern Nevada Courts Business-Friendly Technology Innovators




VEGAS INC: The Notes, Philanthropy, Dec. 17, 2017

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce helped three public schools’ robotics teams: Nate Mack Elementary, Greenspun Junior High and Basic Academy of International Studies. Last spring, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation raised $12,500 to help the teams’ students represent Nevada at the 2017 VEX Robotics Worlds Competition. Mayor-elect Debra March also donated $1,000, and Tronox donated $2,500 to Basic outside of the foundation’s efforts.

Dan Shaw, president and CEO of Rustler Investments, donated $5,000 to the Henderson Symphony Orchestra.

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Honor Flight Southern Nevada Holds Honor Flight Experience: A recognition event for World War II and Korean War veterans

On February 24, Honor Flight Southern Nevada will host an Honor Flight Experience from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The event will be held for the World War II and Korean War veterans who are unable to make the trip back to Washington, D.C. to visit their memorials.

The Honor Flight Experience will feature a luncheon and video tour of the memorials, followed by special presentations to the veterans, as well as an acknowledgement of the services each veteran has given to our country.

“I am heartened that we get to recognize those that are unable to see the memorials in person in Washington, D.C.,” said Belinda Morse, executive director of Honor Flight Southern Nevada. “We are honored to host this event and acknowledge those who served our great nation.”

The Honor Flight Experience luncheon is provided at no cost to the veterans. Each veteran will be able to bring one or two guests depending on space available.

Any veterans who are interested in this momentous event will need to complete an application to receive an invitation to attend. Applications are available on the Honor Flight Southern Nevada website ( or by calling (702) 749-5912.

Please click here to view the Honor Flight Experience application.

About Honor Flight Southern Nevada: Honor Flight Southern Nevada is a nonprofit organization founded in June 2013, as a part of the national Honor Flight Network, created solely to honor America’s veterans for all of their sacrifices. The mission is simple: to fly our World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials that stand in their honor.


Healthcare Design: Construction Now Complete On Henderson Medical Office Building



Henderson Medical Office Building has wrapped up construction in Henderson, Nev. The building will house various medical disciplines.

Built by SR Construction (Las Vegas), the 84,450-square-foot, four-story facility is located 200 feet from Henderson Hospital. The project includes restrooms, a finished lobby with two elevators, and complete mechanical and electrical systems with future tap-ins.

The exterior of the medical office building is composed of EIFS with a metal stud system and stone veneer at the bottom floor. Fernando Andrade served as the architect.

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FOX5 Vegas: Dry Christmas Trees Burn, Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada

Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada and Henderson Professional Fire Fighters Cory Whitlock and Dan Pentkowski discuss Christmas safety tips.

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VEGAS INC: ‘The Block’ urban core to be centerpiece for Henderson’s new western gateway

An ambitious mixed-use development is aspiring to be Henderson’s new western gateway.

Sauvage Real Estate’s proposed 103-acre plan calls for retail, residential and hotel space off St. Rose Parkway near the Henderson Executive Airport.

Zoning would allow up to 2,920 residential units, ranging from single-family to urban mixed-use buildings, and up to 670,000 square feet of office and retail space and 250–room mid-to-high level boutique hotel.

“We have been holding onto this site for several years,” Alan Sauvage said. “We think it’s the best development parcel of this size left in the valley, and the best opportunity to create new lifestyle options for a changing Henderson and all of Las Vegas.”

The plan features “The Block,” an urban core with retail shops topped by residential space. The area would include a movie theater, town plaza, a supermarket and a civic building with social and city services.

The plan also details an urban grid with sidewalks, walking trails, green places, public plazas and a bicycle network tying into Inspirada, Seven Hills and eventually Southern Highlands.

“Main Street and central plaza links to St. Rose, and that’s important because it has a pedestrian bikeway,” said Bill Fain, an urban design partner at Los Angeles-based planning firm Johnson Fain. “The bikeway is actually a structure that goes over St. Rose and connects to a bike park. It builds on Henderson’s plan for bikeways. Henderson really embraced bikes, and it really is the future.”

Sauvage’s vision calls for a lifestyle retail store to be in the bike park facing St Rose Parkway.

“We’ll be in the development-agreement phase of at least a year,” Sauvage said. “Our vision is to build a sustainable project, by bringing on a world-class team.”

Phase 1 includes 159,000 square feet of retail and up to 650 residential units; Phase 2 calls for 284,000 square feet of retail, 70,000 square feet of office, 1,000 residential units and a 250-room hotel; and Phase 3 includes 37,000 square feet of retail, 120,000 square feet of office and up to 1,270 residential units.

The Henderson City Council unanimously voted in favor of mixed-used zoning for the proposed Henderson West project earlier this month. The city’s Henderson Strong plan focuses on economic development, livable neighborhoods through integrated mobility solutions, numerous recreational amenities and diverse housing opportunities.

“We are building the urban center for west Henderson as envisioned in the Henderson Strong framework plan,” Fain said. “We’ve designed an economically and environmentally sustainable plan and forward-looking framework that also has flexibility to evolve with the market.”

Residential options vary from townhomes and courtyard housing to very high-end high-rise units.

“The condos will have some of the best views in the valley,” Sauvage said. “It’s an opportunity to take advantage of those views. Also, going vertical allows us to have a lot more open space.”

The development is just west of the proposed Las Vegas Raiders practice facility. The city is working with the team to develop a 55-acre plot the city owns across from Henderson Executive Airport.

Sauvage said he has no insight on whether that will come to fruition. He noted the luxury high-rise residential units to be built with his project could be an attractive place for players to live.

“That area is the best they could choose, especially with the (proximity of) Henderson Executive Airport,” he said. “(The high-rise condo options) play in perfectly.”

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